Convert an Array to Query in Coldfusion

Look below for a little function I wrote to convert an array to a query. I had to write this to allow for my use of rather than cfdirectory due to speed limitations of the latter. More on that with benchmarks later here.

	* arrayToQuery
	* Allows us to convert an array into a single column query.
	* @author	Ryan Mueller @CreativeNotice
	* @created	10/27/2011
	* @param	{Array}		arr	Array to be converted		{required}
	* @param	{String}	colname	Name for query column	{required}	default=col1
	public Query function arrayToQuery(required array arr,required string colname='col1'){
		var qry = queryNew(arguments.colname);
		for(i=1;i <= ArrayLen(arguments.arr);i=(i+1)){
		return qry;