Going Home to WordPress

I’m a WordPress junkie. I was using WordPress as a CMS back when there were still haters saying it couldn’t be done. I’ve tried Posterous for a while now, even tried Tumblr (cfpad.tumblr.com) as well. Both platforms are great in their own ways, but I’m moving back to a stand alone WordPress install this week.

I like the flexibility WordPress gives me. So over the next few days I’m going to be copying over my Posterous and Tumblr posts to a new WordPress install. It will be at http://creativenotice.com. I’ll be posting more often from there on the topics of jQuery, PHP, Coldfusion and server admin stuff.

I’d love for you to stop by the new digs next week and say hi.

AT&T and Apple, the Love Affair

Well some of you have been wondering where I’ve been.

I’ve been working like a maniac trying to keep up with the deluge of new projects and new clients. One of my clients works for AT&T, yeah! The New AT&T, the one doing all the cool stuff like releasing the iPhone first, renaming Cingular and releasing U-verse to an ever growing customer base.

Because of my connections established within the company, I’ve been receiving product information at an alarming rate. I’m under several agreements that will prevent me from talking about certain AT&T topics to early, but from now on, I will be posting about those topics as soon as I’m allowed.

Let’s get started with the iPhone. First of all, there is no waiting list. That’s right, first come, first serve. Also, many people have been wondering why Apple went with AT&T Wireless to release the iPhone exclusively. The answer is public perception.

AT&T Wireless, formally known as Cingular, has always been an “A” credit service. Customers must have excellent credit or be subject to hefty deposits, often as much as $750. How does that matter you ask, a phone is a phone is anyone’s hands right? The iPhone has a hefty price tag and most initial users are going to be well-to-do business professionals, or at least someone who’s daddy is a well-to-do business professional. Why not release the product to a customer base who already fit the bill.

There’s another reason which comes to mind, that is the public perception of the company. Most consumers are conscious of the amazing growth that AT&T has just undergone. You might harbor company loyalty in different industries, but AT&T has been part of the American dream for a very long time. As an associate of mine likes to say, the American dream is Baseball, Apple pie and AT&T.

AT&T lost that luster for a while, but now, under the leadership of Ed Whiticre, the company has grown faster than the PC industry. The Bells have been brought back together again, a Hurculian feat. People want to be part of legends and Ed Whiticre’s AT&T has become one.

Lest there be any doubt who is helping who… the AT&T brand is more powerful today than Apple will ever attain.

Further Reading

The Racist Town of Paris, Texas

Well, the New Black Panther Party recently decided to change their focus from Lacrosse players and take on Paris, Texas. The town of about 25,000 citizens, (happens to be my home town) is home to one Shaquanda Cotton, age 14, who shoved a hall monitor at school. Apparently, the school officials had had enough and Ms. Cotton soon found her self in front of Lamar County Judge Chuck Superville who sentenced her to the Texas Youth Commission, which is basically a long term juvenile system, for 7 years, or until she turned 21.

Mrs. Cotton soon pulled the race card even though several of the school officials recommending that her daughter be delt with, are black themselves.

Needless to say, the NBPP soon arrived to fill the courthouse lawn with shouts.

You can check out the New Black Panther Party for yourself online, but brace yourself for some very strange mixtures of socialism, Islam, Black Pride and general racism.

Also check out the Paris News article. And an idiotic article in the Chicago Tribune as well.

If you are a Digger, check out this cool comment about the issue.

Prince Meets Webby

Music Artist PrinceOn June 12th the 2006 Webby Awards ceremony will be held in Manhattan. Among the many winners of the much coveted Webby will be musician Prince. Calling him a “musical genius” and “a visionary, who recognized early on that the Web would completely change how we experience music,” Tiffany Shlain, founder of the awards, announced Prince’s Webby win.

Prince Released his album “Crystal Ball” exclusively online in 1997, an industry first. Long before iTunes or MySpace, Prince used the internet to promote, debut videos, build fan relationships and distribute music.