Simple Traffic Splitting on Macs

At the office we have two separate data connections. One is used for business traffic via Ethernet and secure Wifi. The other is open Wifi only and meant for guests who visit; it does not allow access to our domain controlled business network.

Lately, we’ve had several high bandwidth Mac users who’ve been saturating our business network with artwork uploads / downloads. The solution I’ve just implemented is pretty straightforward.

  1. Open System Preferences > Network and turn on Wifi
  2. Connect Wifi to the guest network
  3. Click the cog icon under the network connections list and select Set Service Order
  4. Drag Wifi above Ethernet in the list and apply

Now, when one browses about the interwebs the Mac will attempt to connect via the Wifi connection, which happens to be connected to the guest internet connection. Any traffic to local, business network, locations will fail to resolve and the Mac will attempt to connect over the Ethernet connection. Whalla! Network splitting without having to look at routing tables.

One thought on “Simple Traffic Splitting on Macs

  1. Found a little quirk in this setup for VMWare users. Our Mac users also run a Windows 7 VM instance with bridged networking so the Windows instance has it’s own IP.

    I had to change from Auto Detect to Ethernet to access business network resources. Since that’s all the Windows instance is really used for I’m still good.

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