Aliases for a Secondary Domain on Google Apps

In short, you can’t. But there’s a work around.

Let’s say your company’s primary domain is and this is your primary domain in Google Apps. You’re sister company at will be handling sales generated from your secondary domain in Google Apps, You want emails sent to the sales rep as well as to forward to

How’s that for a crazy ass setup? Yes I ran into just such a situation and so document the resolution for your purusal.

First, you have to setup a group for that forwards to
Now your next thought is to add as an alias of and be done with it; not so fast. As of this writting you can’t attache an alias domain to a secondary domain in Google Apps.
The fix is to add as an additional secondary domain and setup an second group forwarded to

It’s less that elegant, but will work until Google fixes an obviously, to me, missing feature.

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