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I've been confused by the descrepency between my Posterous stats and my Google Analytics stats for Creative Notice. So, I emailed Posterous for an answer, and they gave me one. 

Enjoy and FYI….

I'm confused by the stats for post views. In the manage section of my account, my posts are showing several thousand views. In my Google Analytics account, I'm only seeing 100+ visitors.

Why the discrepancy? Do you calculate views differently than Google?


And the next day reply…

First of all, when people read your posts through the Posterous reader that counts as a view for that post on Posterous. But that would not hit google analytics. Same for RSS feeds.

If people hit your site and have javascript disabled, that would still count as a view on Posterous, but would be ignored by Google analytics

If I go to the main page for your site:
That will count as a post view for *each* of the posts on that page. Google would count that as one view for that page, and no views for each post.

So the fundamental difference here is google analytics is counting when that particular page is loaded with javascript, while we count anytime that *post* is loaded, on any page anywhere.


6 thoughts on “How Posterous Stats Work

  1. My question is (and I figure I know the answer, but would like to confirm): does Posterous include self-pageviews? I.e.: when I look at my own site, does that count as a pageview? Thanks!

  2. I just e-mailed them about this as well. The stats are definitely NOT always even numbers, but if this is truly the amount of “views” traffic my posts are receiving, I need to start affiliating and SELLING every now and then :)

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