Add A Progress Bar to Fire Fox’s Address Bar

Fire Fox's Awesome Bar (address bar) is indeed very handy, but it lacks one piece of bling which I miss from Safari. The progress bar to be very precise. 

In Safari, when loading a page, the user gets some nice graphic feedback in the form of a progress bar moving behind the address bar. I love this feature as it lets me know, at a moments notice, how much longer that page is going to take to load. All the other browsers, Internet Explorer, Fire Fox and Chrome, are missing this feature. 

Lucky for us, there is an add-on for Fire Fox, the awesome plug-in Fission  by Zeniko. It allows you to add a progress bar, just like Safari's, to your Fire Fox install. The default look is a plain color. I've further improved on Fission's standard look by using an animated GIF as its background.  You can do the same, just follow these few handy pointers:
  • Install Fission from the Mozilla Add-Ons Site .
  • Download my animated GIF, or make your own.
  • Restart Fire Fox, and view Fission's options, set the path to your animated GIF and save.
  • Enjoy!

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