Create a Custom Web Apps Toolbar with gChrome

One of the coolest features of Google Chrome is it's ability to save URLs as web applications. I use this feature for gmail, hootsiute and more.

To create a web app, 
  1. open chrome and navigate to your favorite app, I'm going to use Facebook for this demo. 
  2. Make sure you login first, that way when you create the chrome web app, it will always load to the app's internal page, not just the login.
  3. Once logged in, go up to the Control Current Page button in the upper-right corner of chrome. 
  4. Click the make application shortcut menu item.
  5. You'll be asked to choose where to put the app, Desktop, Start Menu, Quick Launch. Choose the Desktop option since we are going to create our own custom menu. Click Ok.
  6. The Chrome window will immediately close and open the page in an app window. Just close that for now. You should see the app link on your desktop.
  7. Follow the patteren in steps 1 – 6 for every app you want to add to your custom web apps menu.
  8. When you are done creating app links on your desktop, create a folder named Web Apps and move all the links into it. (TIP: the web apps folder can be saved anywhere on your PC, I suggest under Documents or My Documents).
  9. Next, right-click the task bar, hover over Toolbars option and click on New Toolbar… You will be presented with a popup folder selection box, navigate to the Web Apps folder you just created in step 8 and select it.
  10. Whalla, you have your web apps toolbar. You can move it around by selecting the hash marks at the top or side of the tool bar and draging it to different sides of your desktop. To add more apps or remove an app from the toolbar, just add or remove app links to your Web Apps folder.

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