What happens when you get Digged!

Well I’ve had an interesting experience. Had my article about Internet Governance submitted to Digg.com. Apparently foreign readers do not agree with me at all.

Anyway, you can read the Digg comments if you like. For my part, the comments only serve to strengthen my belief that I am correct. (UPDATE: Looks like someone agreed with me after all.)

Although the United States is losing its liberty, we are still the best equipped to protect the Internet as a free, open society. The comments only serve to prove my point; those in other countries have very little understanding of freedom.

2 thoughts on “What happens when you get Digged!

  1. No offence meant, but what makes you so sure that others do not know freedom and only those in the US do so?

    Are you really sure that your country is a free and open society? Didn’t understand what you meant by United States is losing its liberty.

    While I do agree that the US has a lot to contribute and has already done so, why should the Internet be “controlled”. Isn’t it a free and open society?

  2. You have asked a valid question. There are people throughout the world that understand what liberty and freedom are, yet they have not actually experienced it. For instance the peoples of the soviet union are still learning how to act as free people, to what extent they are allowed.

    Even in Britain, it is part of the culture to accept what those in authority say, much more quickly than Americans would.

    Yet, America is in the declining years of our liberated state. The Federal government no longer abides by the Constitution and has found ways around the Articles. Judges now legislate from the bench, presidents take power that is not theirs to take. Personal information is now a commodity to be traded among corporations and government.

    The United States has become a semi-socialistic-fascist state as it attempts to prop up a false money system by parading around the world forcing other countries to use the Dollar even though they know it is a dead currency.

    But even with all that against the American system, we are in a state of pretend liberty. Where the guise of freedom must be retained as the majority of Americans believe they are free sovereigns, which they are no longer.

    That pretend freedom is the only thing protecting the Internet. The Internet is a paradox, an open society that must be maintained by a closed group. As soon as America no longer maintains its facade of liberty, the Internet also will loose its openness and the world will be deluged with a darkness very similar to that of the dark ages.

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